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Invalid Security Cert bpp.eset.com NET::ERR_CERT_DATE.INVALID

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When using Secure Banking & Payment Protection, I receive the following message intermittantly:

Your connection isn't private.

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from bpp.eset.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). 

This server couldn't prove that it's bpp.eset.com; its security certificate is not valid at this time.  This may be cause by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

Continue to bpp.eset.com (unsafe)

My browser is Microsoft Edge, if that makes a difference.

Why am I getting this message?  Does it mean that attackers really are trying to intercept my connection?

Thanks for your time and assistance.






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Please raise a support ticket. If you are using v16.x or older, opening bpp.eset.com by the redirector should be intercepted by web access protection and the page should not actually open from the Internet.

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