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problem upgrading eset 10.0.10017.0 to 10.1.10012.0 in server 2019 - exchange

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i have 2 identical servers. always patched together since the start.

both of them are server 2019 datacenter version 1809 os build 17763.4010

exchange 2019

i've compared the patches on both (kb's) and they are the same. exactly identical

on one server, i've upgraded just fine with the emsx_nt64.msi


on the other, i get this


now, the article is talking about ACS support.

but :

1. there is no acs "orange" alert on the protect console"

2. the certificate which is installed with the acs exists on the problematic server (also compared certificates with the good server)

3. i've verified that registry value called "AcsSupport" exists and set to 1


what else can i look for? it looks like a false positive. maybe a prerequisite hiding somehwere?


thank you

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i've already tired that. 

the update for 1809 is KB5005625 

you cannot install it because it's actually superseded and brought into other CU's of the OS.

so it's actually installed. otherwise, i've had a problem upgrading the "good" server as well, which i don't

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Please raise a support ticket for further troubleshooting of the issue,

You can try deleting the AcsSupport value in safe mode, run the installer again and see if it's created again despite the installation fails with the ACS error.

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yeah, i already have a ticket open. i'm trying my luck here because the support insists on installing this kb (which cannot be installed).

if i delete this value, does the installer should install it again if he detects acs installed?

also, is there like a technical prereq list of the installer? maybe he searches some non-exist reg value i need to fix somewhere.

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Even according to developers there's something wrong with the system. The ESET partner's support should contact ESET HQ for help with further investigation of the issue.

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