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Is my computer safe after this?

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Guest worried

Not long ago I had some weird things trying to run from my temp folder and my antivirus (other one than ESET) seemed to block them and added to quarantine and i got little worried and I removed my antivirus in order to install ESET antivirus because I have heard that its one of the best. I scanned my computer and the scanning did not find anything, but I am still bit worried if the possible virus is very new and ESET dont know it yet.

I think my old antivirus softwares quarantine got removed as I removed the antivirus software so I might not be able to send them for ESET, but I did upload one to virustotal before it got blocked:


Its very much like one .dll file from a legit app thats was on that computer and has same copyright info too, but this one is nearly 50MB while legit one is only like 10MB, and this one does not have valid signature like the real one.

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I don't think the file is malicious. It's quite old, not rare, no specific but only behavioral/ML detections in VT mainly from not very popular vendors, etc.

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