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ESET Internet Security Updates

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I am subscribed to an Update Monitoring Service, Quickinstaller.  This service alerts me when there are updates to software I have installed on my computer.  I would like to add ESET Internet Security to their database.  For me to do this I would need to provide a direct link to ESET Internet Security Updates.  If this is something that you can provide me with I would appreciate it very much.  

John P. Cummins

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I am sorry Marcos.  What the Quickinstaller support staff is asking for, I believe, is something like "hxxp://www.esetupdates.com".  Obviously, that is not the direct link I need.  Before SUMo ended its software update monitoring service it had ESET in its database; and, UCheck another software update monitoring service has ESET in its database.  The  ESET Internet Security program I have on my computer allows me to check for updates from within the program but provides no link to do it otherwise.  I have searched but I am unable to find the link myself.  I hoped someone on our forum might know exactly what I needed and could provide the information to me.  Thanks!

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