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Performance Issues with ESET Beta - Seeking Help

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 I've been actively using the ESET Beta Products for Home Users and have encountered some performance issues that I'm hoping to address with your collective expertise. I've noticed a significant slowdown in my system's performance since installing the ESET Beta. Tasks that used to be swift now seem to take longer, and there's a general sense of lag in my system. Task Manager indicates higher resource usage by ESET Beta compared to previous versions. I'm reaching out to the community to inquire if anyone else has experienced similar issues and if there are any recommended solutions or workarounds. Your insights and experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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Does pausing real-time protection make a difference? Does ekrn.exe consume more CPU when you check the CPU usage of running processes in the Task manager?

Please carry on as follows:

  1. When the issue occurs, enable advanced operating system logging under Tools -> Diagnostics -> Advanced logging in the advanced setup
  2. After 30-60s stop logging
  3. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive to a safe location (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox,...) and drop me a personal message with a download link.


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