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Keyboard swapping characters

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I've started running into an issue a few weeks ago, when keyboard randomly types different characters than what I pressed.
E.g. instead of "s" it types "o" consistently in a window.

This only happens in that one browser window, alt-tabbing to windows notepad for instance reveals the keyboard operating correctly. Alt-tabbing back to browser fixes the issue.

I've found out on chrome forums that this may be caused by Eset's keyboard protection feature.

The issue was occuring both with a MS Sculpt keyboard and with a common Logitech K120, so it is definitely not HW related (also indicated to me by the fact that it happens only sometimes and only in eset-protected browser windows).

Is there any fix coming for this?

Should I just disable keyboard protection in settings until an update?


Thank you!

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I assume that switching to the pre-release update channel in the advanced setup would resolve the issue. Could you confirm?

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This has been driving myself and my colleague mad for the past few weeks (maybe longer). I have switched to the pre-release update, so hopefully this fixes it.

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