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Cannot instal v8

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Tried to update to latest build but get error, my windows i up to date and i have legal copy. this is the error i get, should i instal in safe mode or uninstal everythging and redo?




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At first it would be good to know from what version you tried to upgrade.


However... it seems as there was going something wrong with the firewall. normally ESET shouldn't detect itself as modified.

Maybe the previous version of ESS wasn't uninstalled correctly before the new version was installed.


I would suggest you to uninstall ESS, restart your computer and install the new version of ESS.

If the uninstallation doesn't work then you maybe have to use the safe mode uninstaller.

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Also ekrn.exe is signed and signed applications are trusted by default so you're not prompted when such application has been modified.

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