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Quick question, just afraid i´ll missunderstand something when i buy

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Im going to use the email i switched to the old one i dont have access to sinc 1-2 years but i hade a licence bought with that email and it was good with  until spring 2024 and now im about to buy security premium and i know ill have to either create a home-account or chose another wmail with homeaccount, thats what ill dso i think...im guessin i can use prem security for me and i can for example setup the home account email user with nod 32 and mobile security to ... but will this morph me into possesion of the old liceence stil payd and time left ??? 

im so nervous ill missunderstand, give grong password.  it´s like that all the time, i started a trial of the mobile app snd tyhat generated 3 aps i didnt know of == ?`` and when i first time clck on one of them it starts askin for, what pin? i never seen or been in this app ....


hope im making myself clear ... im sorry, but please asc and i ll answer better



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You can create an ESET HOME account with any email address, however, we recommend using the same one as your registration email address so that you don't have to verify the ownership when you add a license. If your existing license is registered to an email address that no longer exists, please contact the reseller or distributor who sold the license and ask them to update your email address on files.

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