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ERA 6.1 and agent compliant with GPO?

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HI guys!


First, thanks for the great Antivirus' and security you have.


Second, I would like to know if I could deply the new agent version by GPO. It's easier for us to manage and install eset product this way. When a brand new computer join the domain, the GPO install automatically the right version of NOD32.


I can't found this information in FAQ or manual.


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Hi jedduff,

You can create an Agent Live Installer from the webconsole's slide-out side menu, in which you specify the server's hostname and the certificate (along with its passphrase) and push the resulting file to your computers.

Note: These computers need to have an internet connection available, as the actual agent's installation package will be downloaded directly from our repository upon running the created live installer.


EDIT: Please be aware that installing an agent to a computer does not automatically install NOD32/ESS, you need to do that as a next step.

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You can do it either way. Setup your GPO to do an installation with a start up Script for the Computer User. TomasP mentioned doing the side menu, that process will create a .bat file, put it in a shared folder, attach to your GPO and walla Agent deployed.


I would do some kind of drop file though and make your own .bat file that checks for the file then delete its it, installs agent, if not the .bat file for Agent install will reinstall on every starup, which your users will love.


You can also use a RunOnce GPO You just need to a value to the following registry key (which you can easily do via GPO Preferences if you are using Windows 7 PCs.




You add a value (of type REG_SZ) to that location, name it whatever you want, but enter the path to your BAT file in the actual data value. Now the next time anyone logs on to that PC, the batch file will run and then the value you created in the RunOnce key will be deleted automatically.

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