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xnxx.co not being blocked

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Yesterday I accidentally visited xnxx.co instead of xnxx.com.

The website (xnxx.co) was blocked before, if I recall correctly, but is now not being blocked anymore, neither via Google Chrome nor via ESET.

The website very clearly looks like an attempt to let users/people install their compromised app.

I don't know how to report that website, because the ESET guide only shows how to whitelist a blocked website or report a false positive.

I would also like to know whether I need to reset my phone now, since I clicked on the website with my Google Chrome Browser on my Android phone.

I did not click on any link on the website, only visited it, and also (obviously) did not install their app. My JavaScript was enabled at that time.

The ESET virus scan on my phone did not detect anything.

Can anyone help me?


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8 minutes ago, Marcos said:

The website is categorized as Pornography so if you configure Parental Control to block it, it should be blocked.

Thank you. But is thr one mentioned problematic? Do I have to worry? The .com version is understandably not "harmful" in a Virus way, but what about the .co version?

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