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Eset Premium issue

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is it ESET premium is worth for protection ?.

why ESET 64bit v not updated to latest module.

                                        module        last update
Antivirus                        1084             20220830
update module             1068             20220502
live grid                            1134             20220502
network                          1047.1          20230207
archive support             1138             20211011
protection                      1177             20230720
Network inspector        1031              20220323

Antivirus , Live grid and network latest updates are very important for ESET users.

Without the latest protection module how you are going to protect us from 
browser protection , other applications protection , SMS protection , notification protection ?.

Why every time ESET showing accessibility special access ?. 
I already on the accessibility access but ESET ask me to switch on the ESET mobile security shortcut.
I didn't switch on that shortcut, because ESET they mention the following message 
" we use the accessibility services permission for users with disabilities , especially the visually impaired to ".
This message came twice in a day and it's annoying also. 

I don't know ESET is really protect us from all the online and offline phishing and virus or not !. I think I was wasted my money. 


Note:  ESET is very light software compare to other security software , but protection is very bad.

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