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Issues with Active Directory Scanner


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We've just migrated to the cloud and implemented the Active Directory Scanner. I'm having an issue where around 180 enabled/active workstations are being sync'd to Lost & Found instead of the correct Cloud OU.

Some of the workstations in 'X' OU are successfully sync'd to the correct corresponding 'X' OU in the Cloud. Others in the same 'X' OU are going to Lost & Found.

The sync is running successfully. No errors are shown in the adconnector log file. I've run several manual syncs, as well but still no change. I've verified the hostnames and FQDN are correct between AD and the Cloud console.

Is there any way to tell why some workstations are not going into the corresponding Cloud OU?

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I also just noticed that the Cloud console shows only 989 workstations total, while the adscanner log files show, "Loaded computers: 1662"

I've made sure that no filters are active. Is there any way to tell why the missing 673 workstations aren't registered in the Console?

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Best I can tell, the sync appears to have broken, despite showing no errors in the logs. Any of the more recently migrated systems are going directly to Lost & Found.

Is there a way to flush the cache and make it start clean? Can I simply delete the 'data.db' file and rerun the sync?

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Deleting the data.db file broke the sync entirely, so I restored it.

I removed and recreated the ADScanner directory, which essentially cleared the cache, started fresh and got everything sync'd correctly.

Unfortunately, it seems to have broken again and newly sync'd workstation objects are going into Lost & Found again. Still no errors and still does not appear to sync all the workstation objects that it's finding.

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