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Camera Blocking Feature in ESET Antivirus

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I am looking for the feature to block the phone's camera. Currently, I have seen several security applications that do such a thing. I want to know if the ESET antivirus also has the capability to do this?
And will it be possible to add this feature in the future or not?

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The Endpoint version has camera blocking capability because it has a device management feature. I couldn't find any such capability for the consumer version of the product.

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After receiving your feedback, I also examined the Endpoint version. However, I didn't come across an option to enable or disable camera blocking. Were you referring to protecting the camera by "blocking" it? Besides the camera protection feature, I would like to have the ability to block, as well as mute, and I'm not promoting another application, but I've seen these two features in a software from a company. I would like these capabilities to be in the eset antivirus. In that software, if you have enabled camera blocking, any app that tries to access the camera (whether it's you, a hacker or ...) will display a black image. Similarly, when you activate sound blocking, no sound will be recorded during audio recording through an app, whether you want to record the sound yourself or otherwise.

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You posted in the Eset Mobile section of the forum. As such, I assumed you were referring to the Eset Mobile product.

Are you referring to the desktop versions of Eset?

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Eset Endpoint of Android mentions camera restrictions;



Device security provides administrators with options to perform the following:

execute basic security policies across mobile devices and define policies for important device settings

specify the required screen lock strength

restrict built-in camera usage



What is unclear is if this feature only exists in the managed versions of the product.


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