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Hi Guys,

General question,

1. is there anyone have ever face memory leak or high CPU utilization when using ESET?

2. Can we collect the logs from agent PC/server and from Eset server itself using console?

3. is there a way to control or cap maximum cpu/memory usage by this product?

4. is it possible to generate any custom report based on our own needed.


Thanks everyone!

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1, Such issues may occur, e.g. when a particular application continually writes to a big html log file. There were also some memory leak issues in the past when memory was not freed correctly but these were addressed with priority as soon as possible. Currently we are not aware of any such issues with ESET products.

2, Some logs can be collected remotely, some only locally.

3, CPU usage is controlled by the operating system itself. Some scans, such as the startup scans, run with low priority in the background.

4, ESET PROTECT allows for generating various kinds of reports.

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