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Since ver. 16.2 didn't correct this problem, here's the details.

A few months back, my ISP, AT&T finally issued me a new gateway. This gateway fixed most of the past issues I have had with Eset networking which I have made multiple past postings about over the years. However, a new problem has surfaced.

The DHCPv6 lease for the new gateway is issued for 1 hour. This means at lease half-life, 30 mins., the gateway will initiate lease renewal activities. However, it appears the gateway is performing a lease extension; 30 mins., versus a full lease renewal as evidenced by the lease start time remaining the same. Every time this lease extension activity occurs, the ekrn.exe process monitoring IPv6 UDP traffic is terminated. Eset networking will eventually restore this connection but it can take as long as 10 mins. or so to do so.

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Looks like Eset has fixed this issue.

What I now observe at DHCPv6 lease extension time is Network Inspector "kicking in" with its multiple IPv4 and IPv6 UDP connections as done at system startup time.

-EDIT- Appears I spoke to soon. If FireFox is open at DHCPv6 lease extension time, ekrn.exe IPv6 UDP connection is dropped and not reestablished.

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I did some more testing today and here's the findings.

When the DHCPv6 lease extension occurs, only a single network outbound DHCPv6 request occurs. My assumption is Eset firewall is triggering off of an inbound DHCPv6 request to realize a DHCPv6 change has occurred.

But the real question here is why DHCPv6 activity in any form can terminate ekrn.exe monitoring of UDPv6 traffic?

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