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In foreign country. Cannot buy the English version of ESET Smart Security


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I am a U.S. citizen, temporarily living in Argentina (South America). As such, my ISP is in Argentina.


I tried purchasing ESET Smart Security online, but the purchase page was entirely in Spanish, and the currency was in pesos, not in US dollars. There is no way to switch to English.


If I buy the South American version, will the software be entirely in Spanish or will I be able to change it to English?




Does anyone know how I can buy the English version while living in South America?



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No, you can't change to English after installing e.g the Spanish version. You have to chose which language you want before installing.


What you can do is make the purchase so you get your license info, but don't download the Spanish installer, instead download the English Offline Installer from here (select OS and Lang)...: hxxp://www.eset.com/us/download/home/detail/family/5/#offline


.....And simply put in your license info at the end of the install process.


So, Yes you can use the English version even if you buy the license in Argentina, France, Germany or somewhere else.


I actually use the English version myself even if I bought it from a local site.  :)

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