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EES - Firewall policies from Protect are not merging properly

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In Eset Protect I have set up a default policy per OU (I have different client offices set up as different OUs), in this policy I would add firewall rules that are to apply to all devices within the OU such as opening TCP 3389 for RDP access over the LAN. 

I recently applied a firewall policy to the All group so it applies to all OUs (ransomware protection), since doing that it seems to have overwritten any firewall rules from the OU policies o nthe endpoints and I can't seem to get them back. On the policy applied to the All group, I set the merge to Append, on the OU policy I set it to Prepend. I would then expect the OU firewall rules to be at the top on the endpoint, and the All policy rules to be underneath. 

Am I misunderstanding something? I made this change on Friday morning and am having various offices contact me about firewall issues. 

Many thanks

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I just removed the policies from the All group, added them individually to the OUs. Now on the OU I am working on they seem to have merged ok, so this issue seems to be when policies are assigned to the All group they will become exclusive.

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