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Is it possible to scan a shared folder on the network with ESET SysRescue Live?

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Hello everyone, I really appreciate the stand-alone product, especially the img file that allows persistent updates, I'm here to ask a question as in the title. Is it possible to scan a shared network folder (SMB)? Or is there any possibility to be able to scan this resource, for example via FTP or WebDAV or SSH which I find in file manager? Thank you

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the link allows you to create a samba share on ubuntu. My request is reversed. Being able to access from ubuntu (eset sysrescue live) to an existing samba connection on the network on windows pc to be clearer. I know from destination and have access, now I want to be able to access this resource if possible through this standalone tool if possible. Thanks for the reply

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I found the solution by doing these simple steps:
the following commands should be run from the root terminal

sudo mkdir /media/[Dir on SysRescue]

mount.cifs //[IP Address]/[Name of share] -o ro,username=[username that has access rights on the share]  /media/[Dir on SysRescue]


sudo mkdir /media/share

mount.cifs // -o ro,username=marino /media/share

after executing these commands a folder will be created in the preselected destination (in read only unfortunately, the -o rw:read write option doesn't work) and on the newly created folder a logical reference to the shared resource will be created on a Windows network competitor. After executing the mount.cifs command, the password for the user authorized to access will be requested. the resource will now be available in the ESET GUI for the next scan (without cleaning because it is read-only). I didn't run any sudo apt update & upgrade. I hope it will be useful and I am available for further suggestions on the matter. A warm greeting. Marino

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