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Help with identifying clients with agent installed

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I have been given the task of getting a list of clients that have the agent installed on them - and all of the reports that i run give varying results. 

as its tied into AD the "computers" field gives me all possible targets for the AV and seemingly no way to filter only the ones that have the AV installed.

Also i have tested one server known to have this and ran a task to uninstall the AV software that fails every time. and no clear reasoning as to why it is failing.

I have tried a manual uninstall of the software but i am prompted with a password that does not seem to match any of the management passwords used for ESET.


I have read in other articles about creating a new Policy to disable this and that is probably what i am going to do but the job of first identifying all clients that have the agent is first and foremost.


Any help would be amazing.

P.S i have never worked with ESET before. 

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