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Banking protection prevents extensions from updating

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Good morning, I have Eset Internet Security with pre-release updates active. Banking protection version 1305. Edge 112.0.1722.68 and Firefox 112.0.2 (Firefox installed from MS store). I set the eset in the banking orchron to NECESSARY EXTENSION. Unfortunately, despite the information that this does not affect already installed extensions, there is a problem with their update. There used to be a similar problem with Google Chrome and I think ESET fixed it. Now I noticed a similar problem in Edge (e.g. the malwarebytes browser guard extension did not update, after switching to all extensions in ESET everything updated. In Firefox I noticed that ublock origin could not update. In addition to the fact that there was a problem with the update, it created additional problem - every attempt to update the malwarebytes extension resulted in a new process, after a whole day of work there were several processes with malwarebytes.....

Everything was fixed as I changed to all extensions in eset, malwarebytes updated correctly and I don't have these unnecessary processes anymore.

Another problem I noticed is that the browser sometimes slows down a lot (I use Google Chrome most often and I notice it there), after switching to all extensions in eset the browser seems to work faster. Sorry for my English, I'm using a translator

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In order for updated extensions to work, make sure that "All extensions" mode is selected:



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