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EsetIpBlacklist bypassed by Reverse Proxy?

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Hi all,


we have a Reverse Proxy running behind our Exchange server in our org.

Since we implemented this, the ESET MailSecurity Network protection Log doesn’t show any blocked Security vulnerability attack attempts to the Exchange Webserver anymore. I think this is because the originating ip-address is obfuscated with the internal ip-address of the reverse proxy now.


Is there any way to configure ESET MailSecurity to work with the reverse proxy to find the originating ip-address and block it if it is in the EsetIpBlacklist Database? 

Or is it possible to scan all incoming traffic from the reverse proxy for malicious activity and block it? - i.e. IPS failed login attempts or exploitation of known exchange server vulnerabilities?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Best Regards


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