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ERA - Replication & Management

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Our Company is located in two separate buildings and communication has been established based on radio wireless

- in headquarter, we have ERA Server and Managing its own clients (main:

- in secondary building, have installed another ERA Server and Managing its own clients (secondary:


considering the communication is established between two buildings and both are in a same subnet & IP, i prefer to manage all clients in one ERA Console.


and according to wireless connection between buildings i want to reduce the radio traffic


is replication useful for this purpose?
how to configure this item?




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Hello UnDocumented,


Replication sounds like a great option to ensure you can manage both of your sites from one Remote Administrator (ERA) server. For directions on configuring replication, please click or copy/paste the following ESET Knowledgebase article into your web browser: How do I configure ESET Remote Administrator server replication?


Please designate one of your ERA servers to be the parent and the other ERA server will be the Child server. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Thank you,

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