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ESET Support not reacting to ticket

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Four days we created a ticket using the online form. We received a ticket number but since then nothing has been heard again. I asked for a status upate two days ago and also did not reveive a repsonse to that. I dont find that acceptable since especially because it is regarding a server product. Can someone please tell me how long I have to wait before usually getting a response?


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Please provide your ticket ID. By 4 days do you mean 4 work days? Asking since there has been weekend recently.

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The Ticket ID is #00506509

I meant 4 days, and not 4 business days. Since this is a security product running on systems operating 24/7 I would actually expect, that there is some sort of support on weekends also.

The intial ticket was opend on the 16.03 and the first repsonse was received on the 20.03. Then there was a small exchange between me and the support engineer and that was it. Since then I never heard back from anyone (today is the 27.03). That is exactly a week now. I've asked for status updates in between but never got a response.

In general very unsatisfactory.

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Providing the ticket ID helped a lot. I see that several messages were exchanged between you and tech support so it's not that no reaction was provided. March 16 was Thursday and an initial response was provided on Monday, March 20.  ESET DE contacted ESET viruslab on March 20, however, only a screenshot was provided so ELC logs were requested. I see that you supplied them on March 20. ESET DE asked for an update on March 23 but forgot provide the ELC logs.

The url will be unblocked shortly, I expect in 30 min. at maximum. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


UPDATE: There's still a phishing document in the Sharepoint 365 share. Please let us know when you have removed it as there might be also other phishing documents or threats that will force us to block the url again.

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First of all let me clarify some few things:

On the 20.03 I made this post stating that I had not received any response to my ticket, which was absolutly true at that moment. What other reason would I even have to make such a post? The messages that you see where all on the 20th later in the day.

The reason for only providing a screenshot of the log was that your ticket creation tool only accepts attachements smaller than 20MB. I also stated that in my first ticket I was then later (on the 20th) provided with a link to an FTP where I was able to upload the file. That was done on the 20th about 5 minutes after I received the first response from the technician. All that happend on the 23rd is me asking for a status update.

Maybe you should read the ticket again, because I am not sure what corner you are trying to push me in with your statement but please stick to the facts.

Regarding my issue:

I never asked to unblock any URL. I asked for the cause of the issue! I there is a phishing document in the sharepoint share which document is that? ESET does not find it. The shares and local folder have been scanned multiple times.

And also please explain to me why I have to write in this forum to get updates on the ticket and not per Email in response to the entire case?

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