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Problems with secured browser

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从今年年初(2023)开始,我发现安装了eset internet security版本的电脑,出现edge浏览器,chrome浏览器无法运行的情况,找了很多原因,edge重装了很多次,亦然无法解决,只有通过直接访问网址的快捷方式才能打开浏览器,打开浏览器后,更奇怪的现象出现了,就是随便输入什么字符,会乱跳其他字符出来,比如按12345,结果z键被触发了,或者~键被触发了。

后来我在另外一台电脑上安装了eset 后,过了一段时间也出现同样的情况,我才反应过来这和eset有关,于是我卸载了eset,这个故障就消失了!



Machine translation:

Since the beginning of this year (2023), I have found that the edge browser and chrome browser cannot run on computers with eset internet security installed. I have found many reasons, and I have reinstalled edge many times. The browser can only be opened by directly accessing the shortcut of the URL. After opening the browser, a more strange phenomenon appears, that is, any character is randomly entered, and other characters will be jumped out. For example, press 12345, and the z key is triggered, or~ key is triggered.

Later, after I installed eset on another computer, the same situation occurred after a while, and I realized that it was related to eset, so I uninstalled eset, and the fault disappeared!

Hope to attract official attention and fix this bug. I am a loyal user of eset and have used it for more than 8 years. I hope eset can do better and better. Currently, due to this reason, I can’t use eset. I feel very sorry. I still find the official forum to reflect this situation and hope it can be resolved.

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Since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English.

As for issues with launching the secured browser, please raise a support tickets.

The issues with scrambled keys might be resolved by disabling keyboard protection in the Banking and payment protection setup:


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