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MacOS 10.12 + Little Snitch 4.3.3 + CS 6.8.3 = Kernel panics happen when esets_proxy Little Snitch connection alert

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On MacOS 10.12 (can't upgrade) with Little Snitch 4.3.3 (latest for this MacOS) and Eset CS 6.8.3. (latest for this MacOS) I get kernel panics whenever I interact with the Little Snitch connection alert for esets_proxy. It doesn't matter what I click in the alert, as soon as I click yes/cancel etc the kernel panic happens 100% of the time. 

The issue may have possibly started with earlier 6.8 releases, but I don't know when and I didn't see it when I was logged into my regular user account. But when I logged into the admin or another clean account, I started to get the kernel panics. The only panics I get is for esets_proxy connection alert for Little Snitch. Otherwise the laptop is running stable.

If Eset is uninstalled, there are no kernel panics, of course, same if Eset is installed but connection alert is from another application, no issue. 

The admin account is pristine clean, I don't use it for anything else other than doing backups.

The kernel panic happens the moment I interact with the Little Snitch connection alert fore esets_proxy. It only happens when it is alerting about esets_proxy. There are never issues with any other application.

I could submit here the Etre log etc, but for me no point here to try to disable or uninstall things when the issue only happens in this specific scenario.

The way I solved this is I disabled Web access scanning and LiveGrid and in Little Snitch preferences I manually allowed all connections for esets_proxy and esets_deamon connecting out to listed servers there listed like apple.com, digicets.com, esets.com, mzstatic.com. That way I am not getting the notification alerts anymore and no kernel panics... knock on wood so far.


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MacOS 10.12 is supported by a more recent version of ESET CyberSecurity 6.11.404. Please uninstall ESET, make sure that the issue doesn't occur and then install v6.11.404 from scratch.

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