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Business Account not activated.


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We have the problem that the confirmation e-mail for the EBA account was not delivered correctly due to a typo within our e-mail systems. Meanwhile we have corrected the typo however there is no way to trigger a resent of the confirmation e-mail.

When trying to login to EBA we get the message:

Account not activated

Your account has not been activated yet.

When trying to do the "Forgotten password" procedure no e-mail is sent, Trying to recreate the account with similar username (e-mail) is possible however also there is no confirmation e-mail sent.


We have a support case open since yesterday morning, but did not get anything more than the confirmation e-mail for the ticket.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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  • ESET Staff

Hello @ChrisAt, the token should expire in 1 hour after which you should be able to register EBA account again using the same e-mail address. If this does not work, please send me your email address to the chat so we will look into it.

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