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Notification on firewall paused by user

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I might have a simple question, i want ESET Protect cloud too send a notification on firewall paused by user.
I have been searching online and trying too make a new notification, but i can not figure out how to configure this, i do not see a option, from all the options to configure this specifically. Maybe this isn't possible.
I know you can easily see this in the ESET Protect Cloud overview of the workstations, but i do not want to be logging in there to see if someone paused there firewall. Is there someone who knows if this is possible or not?

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You could create a dynamic group with an expression like this:


and then create a notification for event "Dynamic group changed" with the condition "Notify everytime the dynamic group content changes". However, the membership in DG is evaluated in 20 min. interval and the events between are "ignored".

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