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General Discussion Guidelines


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  • Former ESET Employees

Things To Do:


  • Join the conversation! This Forum cannot succeed without your participation and support. Sit back, relax and join in on some light-hearted conversation, get to know each other and share your interests, hobbies, views, etc.
  • Keep your topics and posts clean. This is a family-friendly forum. All users should be made to feel comfortable and welcome here. Some users may be of a young age or might be viewing these forums from work or in a public setting. Please keep this in mind when creating a new topic or posting a reply.
  • Be friendly and respectful. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and so their opinions and views will be very different at times. Also, for many English is not their primary language. Make an effort to understand the other person’s point of view before posting a reply. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.
  • Keep Calm and Chat On. Sometimes the topic of a conversation can bring out strong emotions with those involved. If you find yourself becoming upset by something that has been posted, step away from the conversation for a while and return to it when you feel calm. If you feel that you cannot respond to a topic or post in a calm and respectful manner, it’s probably best to leave the conversation completely.
  • Report violating posts or topics. If you feel a post or topic violates the Terms of Use or Forum Rules, please report the offending post or topic and a member of The Moderating Team will address it. Many times these issues can be handled privately and quietly.

Things NOT To Do:


  • Do NOT violate the Terms of Use or Forum Rules. While this is a place to discuss non-support related topics, all forum rules still apply. Any post or topic that violates the Forum Rules will be removed and the users found in violation may face disciplinary action.
  • Do NOT post topics of controversial subject matter. This includes but is not limited to ethics, morals, philosophies, politics, laws and religion. ESET Moderator decision on what is deemed unsuitable for the forum is final. If the topic is light-hearted and family-friendly, it will have a better chance of surviving and even thriving.
  • Do NOT post ESET-related support questions in General Discussion. If you need support for your ESET product or have other ESET-related support questions, comments or inquiries, please post them in the appropriate Forum for that product or topic.
  • Do NOT hijack a topic. Stick to the original subject of the conversation. If you wish to discuss another subject, feel free to create a new topic on that subject.


Most of these are common sense and general etiquette in any conversational setting. These guidelines were created to keep the ESET Security Forum enjoyable for everyone. We thank you in advance, for your cooperation. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding these guidelines, please contact a member of The Moderation Team.

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