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ESET Cloud Licensing

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I have a license for ESET Cloud Essential and i am planing to upgrade my license to ESET Cloud Advanced.

So, I was asking if there is any procedure to be done rather than changing the license with the new one.

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I got my new license for ESET Cloud Advance.

My Question is if i need to make any procedure rather adding my license to my EBA account and synchronize it to my workspace and distribute to my devices ?

Do i need to create a new workspace or just adding the new license and activating its compatible modules ?

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As you wrote, just add the license to your EBA account, use it for activation of ESET products and that's all.

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Hello @Eleia

ESET PROTECT Advanced allows you to use following functionalities: 

- ESET Endpoint Security instead of ESET Endpoint Antivirus. To get the added functionality (Firewall, WebControl, etc) you will have to upgrade existing installations of EEA to EES

- ESET LIveGuard Advanced. This can be activated for both EEA / EES. Activation is quite simple, you can do it "per device" or via "ESET Solutions Tab". 

- ESET FullDisk Encryption. This can be as well activated regardless of product used, either per machine, or via "ESET Solutions Tab". 



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