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My ESET e App ESET Authentication

Alexsander Gomes

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Good Morning.

My name is Alexsander Gomes Pinto, I work with computers and the internet, I live in Brazil and I have been using ESET Internet Security for some time. I bought and manage 4 licenses of the mentioned software and, some time ago I activated a 2-factor authentication feature to further improve the security part in my My ESET profile, where I manage the licenses.

This feature requires the installation of an application called ESET Authentication, in order to grant access to the My ESET account. I activated this feature on the website, installed the application on my cell phone and configured its operation and, until then, everything was working perfectly.

But I had a problem with my cell phone (it broke) and now I can't access my account anymore, because it asks for the sequence of numbers generated by the ESET Authentication application, which I already installed on my new cell phone but asks to read a QR code to add an account to be able to grant access. I don't know where to read this QR code or generate it and I also didn't generate the 8 numbers for alternative access.

I already got in touch with the support here in Brazil, by phone, explained the whole situation and, basically, I was instructed to create a new account on My ESET and transfer the licenses to this new account, thus being the "shared" licenses with My account that I can't access. Even proving that I am the owner of the licenses, this "solution" was given.

But this is causing inconvenience for management because I cannot add the licenses correctly, with the My ESET login in the software; it says "the license is being overused", since I am the owner and have to enter the license outside of My ESET in order to activate.

I have the purchase records of the licenses to prove that I am the owner and that is why I am contacting you, in the hope that this 2-factor authentication that I activated in order to access my primary account will be withdrawn. This solution given by support here in Brazil is not working for me and that's why I'm contacting you for a solution.

I await a return.

Alexsander Gomes Pinto.

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Please contact dpo[at]eset.sk with a request to cancel your ESET HOME account based on GDPR. Then you should be able to create the account again. Or create another ESET HOME account with a different email address and use it.


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