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MYOB Firewall Settings


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I have just installed ESET Internet Security a few days ago for the first time, I have found it easy to use etc.

But when I tried to open my company file in MYOB  it said it cannot confirm my company file because of my firewall is blocking the confirmation process. I am now locked out of MYOB

Has anyone found the same before I ring MYOB


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Pause ESET firewall temporarily , does that application work for you after pause?

And check the Network Troubleshooter , it shows there if the firewall is blocking communication to something.

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Thank you 

But I am brand new to this software so still learning 

I just did an update now it's using the latest version ESET Internet Security

I tried that Pause ESET firewall temporarily but it's still the same,

What I will do is shut it down tonight and try again in the morning.

Maybe it will reset on the reboot.

It could be locked out by MYOB for too many attempts  to confirm 

I will recheck this forum in the morning

Regards Campbell

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Also when you sign in and fail

Head to ESET GUI > Setup > Troubleshooting Wizard

Do you see anything related to MYOB there?

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1 minute ago, CampbellP said:


See Attached Screen dumps from both apps

Nothing showing in ESET

Makes me think it maybe a server problem with MYOB


If you want to completely rule out ESET being the reason , you can completely uninstall it and try again , if it worked ,then we can say ESET prevented it somehow , if it didn't work , then it is not ESET which is causing this.

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I don't know what MYOB software you are using but if it is AccountRight, equivalent Eset firewall rules to the below Win firewall rules would have to be created:


The AccountRight installer creates the following Windows Firewall rules for the AccountRight API Service:

Inbound Rules

MYOB API Service (Domain) Domain Yes Any *(see below) Tcp 8080 Any
MYOB API Service (Private)  Private Yes Any LocalSubnet Tcp 8080 Any

(*) Custom Remote IP Address

Rules marked with * in the Remote address field allow connections from the following private networks, as defined in RFC 1918 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1918)



In other words, an Eset firewall rule created for the process associated with MYOB API Service to allow inbound TCP traffic to local port 8080.

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Thank you all for your advice ,

After reading replies I deleted ESET and ran MYOB Again with no success

So it appears to be MYOB so I will have to get onto MYOB and get them to sort it out .

Many Thanks to All



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