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Block email @*.domain.ext

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I want to block all email coming from address like no-reply@ekyyj.coinbase.com.  I would like to define a filter like *@*.coinbase.com to define as spam every mail that match such pattern.

I added the address in my personal list with full domain and sub domain but the email filtering  do not remove mails ending with coinbase.com.

A) is it possible to define such pattern in email filtering ?

B)  if not possible, could it be possible to have a kind of rule for spam filtering ?


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Yes I tried like you pictured and it does not works.

The ekyyj are randomly generated as the name is different for each spam.  I was hoping to have at least a joker aware filter but *.coinbase.com do not block it either ;(

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Please open a support ticket then so that the support can try to reproduce it and report to developers if confirmed that enabling "lower domains" has no effect.

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