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ESET won't uninstall or reinstall

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ESET security program would not run, so I used MS 'programs and features' to uninstall. I restarted and tried to reinstall...it said program was still installed and gave me option to write over the file. It attempted and then installation failed and told me to restart pc and try again. I rebooted but It failed again.....So I downloaded the install utility from ESET website and ran from safe mode... But it can't find ESET installed. So I rebooted into normal mode for Windows and tried to run ESET.....it still won't load. Now it doesn't show in installed MS programs, but when I run the installer is says it's already installed and therefore I can't install again and when I try to use ESET removal tool it says it cannot find ESET installed. 

I've now been going around in circles for about 6 hours. Nothing works and I can't even now restore my pc to an earlier date, because all restore points have been wiped off, but not by me.....

If I can't find help quick then I will be looking for a new product, for my self, my business and my family, because ESET in my opinion is now doing what MCA**E, did in late 90's and early 00's and in short f##*s your pc when you try to remove it

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Please create a Procmon log during an installation attempt and compress it. If installation fails, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide me with both logs for perusal. You can post them here safely as only ESET staff can access attachments.

Please also try running the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode once again. I don't recall the tool not detecting ESET, yet the installer detecting it installed.

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