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not getting emails "suspicious behavior reported"

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     Hello, I noticed tonight when accessing my phantom account at start up, that I'm not getting the email of "suspicious behavior reported".  

   I always got these messages in the past. My notifications are properly set in my anti-theft account. I have no spam blockers going on. I really didn't change anything so I think. I haven't tried this in a while, so I really don't know when this particular "glitch" (if it is one) started happening. I also disabled anti-theft, and went through the re-enabling process to no avail.

Thanks for your help

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You can upgrade to v8 if it is already released in your language.

About the problem: Have you really checked you spam directory?

Additionally the emails can arrive some minutes later after you access the phantom account.

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  • ESET Staff



do you mean suspicius state on mobile device or notebook?



- check your email settings on Setting tab in device detail

- if enabled, search in spam basket of your email box

- if 2 previous tasks didn't work, send me a pm, I'll try to figure it out




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Thank You all for your responses. As requested by Paul/Eset and yourselves, I re-checked my spam filters and spam box, I hardly use this aol account and I don't even have spam activated also. I also  and re-checked my notification email settings in anti-theft, all is well. PM coming to metaler

 Also to the above. It's windows 7 notebook. Eset SS 7 anti theft always worked seamless in  the past. I'm not going to be upgrading to 8 at least for another 6 months or so

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