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  1. I really like ESET been using it on PC before firewalls. I'm not renewing android because I find customer service lacking. I've asked simple questions on how to look for android phone with ESET anti theft PC I get links showing me how to install uninstall,or pointing me to a link for setting up anti theft. I didn't renew my android because of this. I will, once I can find out how to even ring my phone through ESET anti theft PC No one is talking to me. I'm getting pointed to the wrong links or general links. As a valued customer why can't I get. "it's like this" direct,specific answers. One of the reasons I've stuck with ESET PC for 20 years was for the world class customer support. It feels like Android ESET is a different company.
  2. For the last couple of months I've been getting a ton of false positives. I've been with eset since before the security systems (over 15 years) I have never ever seen this kind of mess. It's inconsistent too. For example several websites will now not allow me to proceed in Chrome (All Chrome) Yet pale moon, Maxthon waterfox, all let these websites through using Eset I've been using eset for the fast that they have NEVER EVER had issues with false positives. I can't even surf the web comfortable anymore. This action is now heading to files. Simple exe. are coming up with viruses now. I've gone back and forth comparing with kaspersky and bitdefender. They are not picking up anything that eset is now claiming to be problems I've had it. I'm now using bitdefender in a trial because Eset has completely dropped the ball here. Terrible Terrible Terrible. I get aggravated now just looking at the name Eset
  3. Please, what is up with all of these false alarms. It feels Like Eset has joined the bunch to use pop continuously to show that they are working. These websites are fine. I tested with Kaspersky and with bitdefender and they have no issues with the same sites!!!. I am so fed up with this as ESET is doing nothing to alleviate this massive issue. I don't even want to use this any longer. I just bought a few years also. . Its bugging me all the time. ESPECIALLY ON CHROME. I have less problems using Mozilla, Same Websites also. Why Is this. Please don'y insult me trying to defend this. I've watched ESET doing this with others here. You have many customers that are furious about these false alarms. FIx this please JS/Adware.Agent.AA False alarms Tony
  4. I have the same question. If anyone answers, please be specific. For "internal purposes", "to help the firewall" type answers are not helpful What is eset firewall helper? Its sucking up a lot of resources. I started using Eset many many years ago because it was so light on resources. I understand the internet has gotten more involved than say 15 years ago, but ESET has gotten heavier in the past years. Id like to know what thi new "Firewall helper" really is. ts dragging in the most recources.. See Photo. eset firewall helper is highlighted in blue. Its at the very top. The most memory. If I need it fine. But Please explain Thank you
  5. Thank You all for your responses. As requested by Paul/Eset and yourselves, I re-checked my spam filters and spam box, I hardly use this aol account and I don't even have spam activated also. I also and re-checked my notification email settings in anti-theft, all is well. PM coming to metaler Also to the above. It's windows 7 notebook. Eset SS 7 anti theft always worked seamless in the past. I'm not going to be upgrading to 8 at least for another 6 months or so
  6. Hello, I noticed tonight when accessing my phantom account at start up, that I'm not getting the email of "suspicious behavior reported". I always got these messages in the past. My notifications are properly set in my anti-theft account. I have no spam blockers going on. I really didn't change anything so I think. I haven't tried this in a while, so I really don't know when this particular "glitch" (if it is one) started happening. I also disabled anti-theft, and went through the re-enabling process to no avail. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi, Regarding Anti-Theft, Due to various reasons, I have created a few Anti-Theft Phantoms. I also deleted a few phantom ID's also. 1. No matter what I try, I cannot get any phantom account to show up at Log in at start up. Going into MyEset anti theft account all looks good, with the green check mark. Can someone help me get out of this small mess I created? 2. Is there a way to physically remove the phantom ID's from my C; drive user accounts. Is this where the problem lies? thanks to all
  8. Been using ESET for countless years. I remember before Smart Security, I ran NOD32 AV with NO firewall. I always felt full confidence with ESET ever since I first used it. In the meantime I've tried Kaspersky several times. Very good product, but over the years, they completely lost it with their GUI, but more importantly with Kaspersky, it is extremely heavy on the resources. To the point where it's hard to run basic programs while Kaspersky is in a full scan. Not one of those reviews mention that...Not one.. Then there's Norton. They have improved over the years, as they went downhill big time about 15 years ago. Norton, completely turns me off with all those ridiculous pop ups trying to tell you that Symantec is doing the job. Also Loaded with false positives. Anyway, why I run Eset Smart Security; 1.ZERO false positives...(I can't stand false positives) 2.Extremely Light on resources. (as since the first days of use, and recently jumping to 7 from 5, still ESET runs very light and very smooth, as it did in my early days) 3. Excellent intuitive GUI. Makes tweaking simple, and fun 4.Customer service has NEVER let me down. My questions have always been answered lightning fast 5. But not Least...I have NOT ONCE had a virus sneak through. NOT once did I need to restore, or BOOT or anything, because of a virus/malware etc. As with day one about 13 years ago, I feel comfortable, doing anything on the internet with ESET
  9. Hello My ESET friends I’m having a problem with a specific website. It’s paypal. I can get on the site, but after I log on, the connection is terminated. I can “arrow” back, to the previous page with no problem. It is ESET related, as when I engage “temporarily disable protection” I can log on fine. I have tried different browsers to no avail. I tried putting in *paypal.com* in the URL address management also to no avail. Which makes sense, as it’s not the website, it’s after I log in. I am having no problems with logging on to any other website. I feel like I’m missing something very simple here, maybe someone can offer assistance. I made the bold decision today to upgrade to 7 from 5. ess 5 has been running like a top for years, so I was hesitant. I can’t recall if I made any tweaks after installation to Ess7, but as far as I know, everything is still default except choosing interactive firewall filtering If I may make a comment here, and I will elaborate more in the general discussions thread. I am so pleased that the improvements made in ess7 didn’t include changes to the already user friendly, intuitive GUI. This is why I have chosen ESET for years …No Bs, No False positives; no silly, meaningless pop ups, no ridiculous marketing tactics. Just a solid, consistent, well taken care of, customer oriented product. Thank you for this, and thanks in advance for help with my paypal issue REV_1 Of Course right after I posted this, I can log on to Paypal. I had been running my first scan, restarted after scan, but I didn't make any changes I still would welcome any thoughts anyone may have. Learning is a great thing
  10. Brand new here, will probably be posting alot. Anyways, my first scan, 1hr 31min Second scan 6min 58 seconds
  11. Just use the Eset uninstaller. Sometimes this happens with all Antivirus's. Each one has their own uninstaller (complete) to allow use of another product. But, why Didn't you simply investigate why your license didn't work? Before getting this eset SS_7 I ran Kaspersky for about a week and made my decision. Sometimes it's personal preference, but my decision was easy
  12. This is exactly what i did works perfectly. I had the same problem with outlook 10 (my first post btw)
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