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win64/genkryptik_agen.dl false positives

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This morning NOD32 has started flagging every EXE and DLL I compile using Visual Studio as win64/genkryptik_agen.dl and deleting the files when run.

Just in case my machine has been infected (unlikely, since no other files are being flagged), I took one of the DLLs which NOD32 quarantined and ran it through VirusTotal. That came back with zero detections (including the version of NOD32 which VirusTotal uses):


Please fix whatever broken virus definition just want out.

I also request that you do not delete executables for some nonsense heuristic which doesn't even have a description in your own virus database! How is anyone supposed to know what is going on or what kind of supposed threat to look out for if you can't even describe what the threat is?

Making me do this stupid drag & drop captcha five times just to create an account and post a single message is also extremely annoying!

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It's an automated detection which has already been disabled. The detection was available for less than an hour only in cloud.

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