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About virus scanning of sent and received mail

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I am using ESET Internet Security.

I used Eicar's test file to verify that ESET can detect virus emails.

When I wrote the password in the body of the email I sent, it seemed that the encrypted zip was unzipped and the file was scanned for viruses.

However, the received e-mail was received in the same way as a normal e-mail, probably because the encrypted zip was not decompressed even if the password was described in the body.

When you receive an email, is it a specification that does not check the inside of the encrypted zip for viruses even if the password is written?

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Encrypted archives are unlikely to be scanned. For instance, on mail servers the scanner receives the body and attachment for scanning separately without knowing any relation between them.

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I understand scanning when receiving an email.

Please tell me about scanning when sending an email just in case.
I'm using Outlook. Do you agree with the following recognition?

1. When sending an email, ESET scans the email body and attachments before reaching the email server.
2. If the password is written in the body of the email, the scanner will decompress the encrypted archive and detect the virus.
3. Sent emails are sorted into "detected items" in Outlook.

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We do not communicate publicly how this is handled. Files in encrypted attachments should be detected by real-time protection upon extraction after entering the password.

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