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Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit


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Last Thursday, 25 September 2014, the Windows Secrets Newsletter (and also the Windows Secrets Lounge) included a message by frequent contributor Susan Bradley about a new version (5) of Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (aka EMET) as additional protection from malware.

For people who are not Windows Secrets Newsletter subscribers, it can be read (probably after a log-in) at

I had never before heard of EMET, so I downloaded it and have studied it.  It looks worthwhile, but I don't want it conflicting with my use of ESET NOD32.

With regard to that issue, Ms. Bradley's post included the following statement:

"EMET is a free, standalone security application, but it’s not an all-purpose anti-malware tool. It works alongside Microsoft and third-party anti-malware apps to protect against attacks that target common software such as Internet Explorer, Office, Acrobat, and Java. It’s compatible with all supported versions of Windows, from Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP2 through Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
"A common misconception is that EMET is an enterprise IT tool. Though it’s well suited for that environment, Microsoft clearly states that it’s also applicable for home-PC security."

If anyone reading this has found that Microsoft's Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit --- either the latest version 5, or previous versions --- works successfully with ESET (or doesn't work with ESET), please let me know.


I would also be interested in whether or not installing EMET would be redundant.



R.N. (Roger) Folsom



P.S. My two Eset versions (different laptops, both 64-bit and running Windows7 sp1) are

7.0.302.26 on a Dell Precision M4700 laptop


7.0.317.4 on a Lenovo Thinkpad T530  (acquired after I acquired the Dell).

Why the Dell keeps telling me I have the latest version, I know not.  But that's not the issue here.

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Hi Roger,


I will keep it short,


1. I have not heard from any of my friends that use EMET that it clashes with ESET on their computer in any way.

2. No I would not say it's redundant to use EMET along ESET.




Your Dell Precision notebook does not find the latest 317. build as it has not been released as a PCU (program component update) via the in-built updater in the GUI, so you have to download that version from the ESET website, installs over-the-top is supported so you can install 317. over 302. if you like.

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I've been installing EMET on all of my customer's computers since version 4. The only clashes I've had with it (in Recommended Settings) are Adobe Reader, when using particular security settings on it. Not had a single instance of it playing badly with Eset. Flash and Java used to have problems, but v5 seems to have fixed them.


You'll find when something doesn't like EMET (which usually means it's badly-written software) it will crash the program. You can then adjust the EMET settings for the program and it starts working again, so it's usually easy to spot. I highly recommend EMET to everyone!

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SweX  and  Proactive Services:


Thanks for the information that EMET works nicely with ESET (although not with some badly-written software).  I was hoping for that answer.


I don't use Adobe Reader (although I do use Adobe Flash Player, recently installed version  Instead, I use Tracker Software's PDF-XChange Viewer and PDF-XChange Editor.


P.S. to SweX:


Thanks for the information that "Your Dell Precision notebook does not find the latest 317. build as it has not been released as a PCU (program component update) via the in-built updater in the GUI, so you have to download that version from the ESET website . . . "


As a genuine ignoramus, I am curious about the following:

I assume that GUI is Graphical User Interface, and that ESET at some point will release the latest 317 build as a program component update that uses a "in-built updater" in my Dell laptop's GUI.  Or is the "in-built updater" something that ESET will eventually install?


For now, I am comfortable with my Dell's ESET NOD32 version 7.0.302.26.  [Today I corrected that number in my original post.]

But if version 7.0.317.4 is worth downloading and installing, I will do that.  A Google search gave me the following download site for an Offline installer (my usual behavior) for 64-bit computers [for me, laptops]:



In any case, thanks very much to both of you for all of the information I have received here.


R.N. (Roger) Folsom

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Hello Roger,


Yes, the GUI is the programs graphical interface, no NOD32 does already have the in-built updater in the GUI that can be used to download new versions, but ESET said the latest version (317) had not been tested enough to be released as a PCU, (but if they would have released 317 as an PCU, then we would have been able to download it via the internal updater.) And last I heard was that ESET does not plan to release the 317 build as a PCU and so it will not be available via the internal updater. Instead you have to download it manually from the site you posted above.


But you actually don't need to update to 317. unless you experience any problems or bugs with the 302. build that you use on the Dell you can stay with it, and V8 is currently in beta and is very stable at the moment, so I would stay with 302 a while longer and then go straight for V8 once the final is released. 


Well, forget about that. V8 has now been released so no need to think about V7 and build 317. anymore  ;)


I have an older system that have build 302. and that build works perfectly fine for me too.


I think we all agree on that it is always best to use the latest version, but as I said if you have no problems with the 302. build then no you don't need to update right away. The only thing to remember for users of slightly older builds and version incase you do experience a problem, then updating to the latest version before reporting in an issue or bug is the best thing to do as the problem have most likely been fixed in later versions already. 



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