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  1. @rugk: It would be awesome when someone from ESET could clarify/explain this in more detail. I'm very interested in this topic and the information could be valuable for others too (at least I think so)
  2. Interesting reading there. Thanks for that. As for question 16... I can't believe that CNET got so high score, but I'm probably biased
  3. @rugk: If the client is outside LAN then router should be configured too, but that is not the case here (it is still a good info for others) @yongsua: I can only guess here. Outbound connection is allowed for every application. Malicious or suspicious files should be catched by realtime protection and other mechanics before they even get the chance to communicate outside. Botnet traffic should be blocked by Botnet protection and malformed packets or other corrupted traffic should be filtered by IDS no matter the direction. Do you have anything specific in mind?
  4. I have understood it so that the computer with ESS was hosting the game. Therefor a rule allowing incomming connection needed to be created so that the client could connect to the hosted game. It would be an interesting information to know if automatic mode allows incomming connections when some application just listens on some port.
  5. You can learn more about firewall modes here: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3190 So if you want the firewall to learn rules automaticaly, set it to Learning mode. To get popups about new connections so you can choose to allow or deny the communication (permanently or temporary), set it to Interactive mode. *cheers*
  6. Try it this way: Click on Marcos name to view his profile. Then click "Send me a message", then "Use full editor". Don't forget to attach the ess_logs.zip file to the personal message, then hit " Send message". I hope it helped
  7. This is my favourite one
  8. Try to rightclick on the space where the files should be displayed and choose "filters". Check if all the boxes are selected. It's just my guess, but worth to try.
  9. Good to hear that you managed to find a solution and shared it with us. I was trying to reproduce the problem (I'm also playing WoW while using ESS8), but without success
  10. This .ttf thing reminded me how very long time ago I've encountered threats in .wmv and .gif files for the first time We can't be sure with anything when it comes to threats Gladly we have some good protection software that keeps us safe. Cheers for ESET ^.^
  11. It's a bit old, but still interesting: hxxp://www.iss.net/threats/449.html
  12. I would also advice using File Security rather then NOD32 Antivirus. One of the reason is that File Security have "automatic exclusions". This is important on servers. If you prefer using NOD32 Antivirus anyways, use Endpoint. It will be good to read this article: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3078&locale=en_US While using NOD32 Endpoint Antivirus, you should manually set exclusions depending on the server role following this article: hxxp://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/953.microsoft-anti-virus-exclusion-list.aspx EDIT: foneil is right. Sorry for the confusion
  13. Is there any HP bundled software running on the laptops? Especially HP Protect tools, which can cause problems while installing security software. It's worth a try I guess
  14. You can try 7-Zip. It's free and don't bundles anything.
  15. I guess that you are talking about the live installer. If you want a full installer, you can always download the offline installer from the eset website. Live installer probably stores the downloaded files into windows temp folder and removes them after the installation is complete. This would need confirmation from eset staff tho.
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