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Found three bugs.


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1). This bug appeared in the version 9.1.2051.0. Until this moment, I had already discovered it five or six years ago in yours products. Then you quickly fixed it. Now it has appeared again.
   Steps to reproduce:
   1: Reboot yours router.
   2: After reboot ekrn.exe try to connect UDP without using any ports.

Version 9.0.2046.0 and lower not have this bug.

2). This bug appeared in september 2021 and still exists. All Eset Endpoints versions are affected.

   Steps to reproduce:
   1: Remove any planned modules updates from schedule tasks.
   2: Start manual update.
   3: Wait when modules downloads and will be updated.

Immediately after that EES again start search updates and this time show red warning "The program is not updated. No connection with the server". When using proxy red warning changes to "The program is not updated. Not authorized access." Second "failed" modules updates happens only when disable scheduled tasks updates and using only manual updates. It never happens when for updates use only scheduled tasks. I don't know why this happens. Why EES after successful manual update immediately start a new updates attempt and it fails showing red warning.

3). Most funny bug. It harmless, but I thought that you should know about this.

   Steps to reproduce:
   1: Open C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security
   2: Create new folder through right-click context menu.
   3: After this will appear total FOUR folder "New folder 1,2,3...".

As I said it harmless. But creates some difficulties with removing these folders for unprepared users.

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1, Is it causing any issues? If so, please open a support ticket for further investigation. I for one have no clue if the behavior has changed and what's behind it.

2, I didn't find any issues with my v9.1. Disabled update tasks, manually ran an update but nothing wrong happened. If you can reproduce the issue, report it via a support ticket please.

3, This is intentional. Creating new folders doesn't pose any security risks and adding additional processing with extra overhead that doesn't improve anything would be useless.

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