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Trial Version And Activated Version


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You're welcome.


Even if you didn't say specifically wich product you were wondering about, I answered for NOD32 and ESS as I figured that's most likely what you meant.  :D

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Yes, and about EMS for Android there is something special:

  • You have a "basic set" of features which are free for all time (e.g. Antivirus and basic Anti-Theft-Features per SMS)
  • And you can activate a trail version. This is the same as for the desktop versions, so you have all features free for 30 days.
    After the 30 days you won't have the premium features anymore, but you will be still able to use the free features.
  • And of course you can buy a full version and get the premium features.
    BTW you can use the EMS license on up to 5 devices with the same (Google/Amazon) account. (see answer to question 8 in the FAQ)
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