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ESET for SharePoint weekly Database Scan

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We are trying to implement a weekly database scan of all SharePoint Content Databases. 

In Tools - Scheduler it is possible to select "Regular Database Scan"

and also the next configuration steps could be done well. The pain starts with the last configuration when the SharePoint WebApplications where the scan should be done will be selected. 

If we select a single or all WebApplications everything is fine until we go to the last step to save the configuration. When the save button will be pressed the ESET GUI is doing nothing. It is also not possible to go back to the selection of the WebApplications so a reboot of the Server is needed. I just tried it for many times and also checked the last step after a few hours but nothing was working. 

I just tested how many characters could be set at the red marked box and it was limited to 1024. So maybe it might have to do with this cause if I select single Site Collectons it will also only take the 1024 characters.

Maybe somebody has the same issue and is able to provide a solution. 

We are using ESET for SharePoint v8.0.15006 
Thank you in advance. 

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