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How Do Remote Laptops Update?


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Hi All,


I have found a few different responses to the proposed question, but none that seemed complete. How do remote laptops update? If they cannot contact the internal ERA, will they use a public update server? Does ESET host public update servers for clients who are not able to communicate with an internal ERA?


Thanks for any help.


Product: ESET Endpoint Security 5.0.222

ERA: 5.0.5

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Thanks for the reply! Okay, so it does not reach out to public servers by default. I will need to create the dual profile. Do you know if it will just use the username and password configured already, or will it require explicitly providing like in the instructions? The reason I ask is we license our clients through Labtech and they will not give up the username and password.


edit: Do most admins just configure remote systems to access their internal ERA?

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If you already have a valid username/password entered in the update setup, you can create a secondary profile with these settings. The primary profile will point to the mirror created by ERA.

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