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Citrix VDI: Delete Dead Clones

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Dear ESET Team,


I would appreciate the best practice for the following scenario:

Is there any way to delete non-connecting computers earlier than 1DAY. Under the tasks you could only set it to 1 day which is not suitable for Citrix non-persistent desktops, since the machines get deployed dynamically 24/7 as the number of logged on users increases and ultimately the machines get decomssioned and destroyed. However these dead clones remain in ESET Protect and use a  license seat, untill they get deleted by the "delete non-connecting computers " task. This could potentially lead to license-overusage among other issues.


  •  Version of ERA : 9.0.1141.0
  • OS of ERA Server : Windows Server 2019
  •  OS of Client (VDI Desktops) : Windows Server 2019

Thank you.

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Thank you for the reply.

Yes we have followed the steps in the article. Do the dead clones consume license seats before they are deleted with the not-connecting computers task? 

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