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Eset installation closes without error

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I am trying to install eset after the removal of McAfee on a computer.


After I had removed McAfee, I restarted the machine, looked for any remaining installations of the removed program, none were found. 

I then started the installation application of eset, downloaded beforehand from your website. 

The installation runs smoothly until it reaches ~18%, then it closes without any error. No eset applications are shown in the task manarger. 


The OS on the machine is the new Win11. 


What do I do? 

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I'd recommend running the MCPR tool as per https://service.mcafee.com/?articleId=TS101331&page=shell&shell=article-view

You can also try removing any possible ESET leftoveres using the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode prior to installing ESET from scratch.

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