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Limit ESET Software install task

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Not sure if this was brought up before.

When having multiple software install tasks (EES EEI, 3rd party software, component upgrade(Agent) ) - they tend to clash on Windows platform and cancel themselves out due to MSI installer not being able to handle multiple instances. 

Is there some Trigger\throttle option to limit such action from happening? (maybe a condition to add to the task)

I would hate to have some nested dynamic group only to condition if this is installed you can install the next one...



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  • Marcos changed the title to Limit ESET Software install task
  • 2 weeks later...

Adding a screenshot(s, accidentally took only the results not the task name) . 

Seems like also AV Definition update is failing an installation task if they both need to run.
Is there a way to make a slow down \ limit the tasks one at the time? 
@Marcos - thanks for updating the title.

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