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Display problem in license management

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Hello Eset Community,


When I go to a company in Eset MSP under license management and then click on Activated Units, it just says No activated devices.

Although there are computers in the static group and an Eset product is also installed on them. I also have full reading and writing rights.


Does anyone know what could be the reason?


Thanks in advance

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @Frederik Schiller, please could you explain more details ?

  • Do you use ESET PROTECT management console or ESET PROTECT Cloud?
  • How did you deploy ESET products to your endpoints?
  • Do you access EMA via API or portal?
  • Did you notice this issue on specific company or on all companies?

Please, send me name of your company in private message to investigate your issue further. I expect it could be caused by desynchronization between our backend systems but I would like to uncover also the root cause.

In general, I recommend you to solve this kind of issues via ESET Customer Care.


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