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Outlook web e-mail protection

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Today we had an phishing incident and the e-mail module for the Outlook Client caught a ton of threats.  We were happy with the performance in that area.   We were asked about those users that use the Outlook web client and not the desktop client.  We didn't notice any alerts from that category of users.  

My question is there any way within the ESET product to protect against a similar threat in webmail?  We do have SSL inspection enabled but were not sure if ESET would detect the same attachment if opened through webmail. 

Any thoughts ?

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9 minutes ago, Marcos said:

No, antispam is a feature of email client plug-ins.

I understand the AntiSpam is a plugin for the desktop client.  In the Web Protection settings it indicates that it also scans e-mail.  Does it use a different scanner or detection engine then the e-mail plugin?   



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When it comes to HTTP(S), the web scanner scans attachments like any other files that you download from the Internet. In order for antispam to work, it would need to modify emails, move them to specific folders, etc. which is only possible within email clients.

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