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command truncation

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Its working fine in my test environment.  My environment is running:

  • EEI Server version: 1.6.1755.0
  • EEI Agent version: 1.6.1738 (I need to update this)
  • ESET Endpoint Security version: 8.1.2031

There is also a chance that the command logged is all that was executed on the endpoint.  But its very important to know which version of EEI Server, EEI Agent, and ESET Endpoint product.

Screen showing this working in my environment:


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I have ESET Enterprise Inspector Server, Version 1.6.1755.0 . Agent in version 1.6.1755 . Antivirus is in version 8.1.2037.2

full commnad 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\appfolder" /grant Users:F /T



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