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Client-Task to set display resolution for several devices

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We got approx. 100 Tablets that need to have the resolution set to 1280x800 pixels.

I created a client task that downloads the tool qres.exe into a local directory and executes the tool with the needed parameters:

C:\temp\QRes.exe /x:1280 /y:960 /c:32

But what can be excuted as a local user won't work using the local system account (that eset uses) - for whatever reason. Here's the error message: 

Error: The graphics mode is not supported!

It even echos this message if i try to reset the resolution using the script to the current display resolution (1024x768):



QRes v1.1
Copyright (C) Anders Kjersem.

1024x768, 32 bits @ 60 Hz.


Anyone got a clue here?


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The Run command task is run in the local system account.

Running it through psexec, ie. "psexec -i -s QRes.exe /x:1280 /y:960 /c:32" should produce the same error.

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2 minutes ago, Stefan Wagner said:

Correct, this didn't work.

So, do we really have to fummble by hand with each single pad to set the desired resolution?

That's beyond our support. If it doesn't work if you run the tool via ps -s, then we can't help since Qres is not our tool.

However, maybe other users have experience how to set up screen resolution for users remotely.

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